“Race Equality North Somerset (RENS) is understandably concerned for all those in our community with families and friends who suffer not only from discrimination based on ethnicity or religion, but especially from the devastating effects of past and present military conflicts around the world that cause death, destruction and forced displacement.

No reasonable person should ever find such discrimination, let alone the brutalising treatment or killing of human beings, to be acceptable – and our hearts must go out to all who are affected in conflicts around the world.

Political, military and rhetorical extremism will continue to result in escalations of social, racial and cultural injustice, leading to a consequential increase in suffering on all sides. Unfortunately, there are often those – on both sides of a conflict – whose sole purpose is to deny – and ultimately destroy – the existence of the other.

Yet, however difficult it may be for various historical, religious, cultural and political reasons, it is always in the long-term interests of all sides and allies in a conflict to try to seek a peaceful resolution that recognises the humanity, dignity and rights of all.

We stand in solidarity with all those whose aim is to create a society in which no-one is discriminated against or made to suffer on account of their race, ethnicity, nationality or religion and we continue to work with partners to ensure that North Somerset is a place of welcome and well-being for all.

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