RENS believes in the importance of Taking Action and our approach is outlined more extensively in our published report Time For Change, which provides the framework for our three current bodies of work:-

  • Local Strategic Action
  • Inclusive Community Engagement
  • Cultural and Racism Awareness.


During the recent Community Renewal Fund project, RENS explored the use of the internationally recognised and award-winning Tool for Systemic Change (TSC) developed by Wicked Lab to plan, monitor and map actions in a transparent way. Overall, the positive effects of using the TSC, even over a relatively short period of time, proved so significant that RENS has committed to continuing to using it to structure our ongoing work.


RENS works with North Somerset Council, Weston Town Council, Voluntary Action North Somerset, Citizens Advice and other statutory and VCFSE organisations to deliver strategic initiatives that help to address local race equality issues.

Our current collaborations:

  • RENS – Making Anti-Racism Visible Initiative (MARVIn)
  • Weston-super-Mare Town Council – Anti-Racism Working Group
  • North Somerset Council – RHINS (Responding to Hate in North Somerset)

We also participate in a range of working groups including Super Weston Placemaking, North Somerset Economy Steering Group, Multi-Agency Contingency Hotel Meetings, WsM Community Network, Food Equality and Digital Inclusion.


If we are to have a truly inclusive society that is free from discrimination, then all ethnicities need to be acknowledged and respected as equal and contributory partners in all aspects of community life.

It was with this underlying philosophy that RENS promoted and supported informal, organic and inclusive community engagement. This led to us redesigning, repurposing and relaunching our office in Orchard Place as The CHAT Room. This was a free community hub space, to be used not just for our own organisation or as a drop-in for associated minority ethnic groups and organisations, but rather for the entire community in which we are all (or should be) equal participants. A place where the community – of any and all races – could meet or hold events, as equals, and develop a better understanding and appreciation of the richness and diversity of our community.

With the success of North Somerset Council’s Community Renewal Fund application, we were able to further develop this approach with the opening of The Other Place.


RENS promotes and supports the recognition of national and international observances and initiatives at a local level.

These special days, weeks or months promote and celebrate diversity. They raise awareness of circumstances affecting specific communities and the impacts of racism in the UK.

At a local level, they provide a focal point that energises collaborative action.

We also recognise the importance of continuing related activities throughout the year and ensuring that relevant action and events are ongoing.

All of the activities listed are run entirely by volunteer teams in collaboration with local organisations and we welcome all support for these important initiatives.

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